Security Awareness

What is Security Awareness?

Security Awareness training is a proactive approach to reducing employee cyber risk through bite-sized training, monitoring and mock-phishing exercises that analyse employee vulnerability.

Relying on technology alone isn’t enough to safeguard your organisation

Why Security Awareness?

With a practical security awareness training, you can transform your team into a solid first line of defence to identify, avoid, and report sophisticated attacks.
Your employees are not your most vulnerable link - they’re your primary line of protection against cybercrime.
  • Help your staff develop a security-minded culture
  • Safeguard client data and your business
  • Reduce user-related incidents
  • Avoid regulative fines & Deliver compliance
  • Save company time with reduce downtime

Security Awareness Features

Our Security Awareness solution is made up of four different components to help your organisation with cybersecurity. Each piece tailored to fit your organisation and cybersecurity goals you wish to achieve.

Awareness Training

Encourage secure staff behaviour with automated security awareness training. Bite-sized video and interactive content tailored for each member of staff.

Phishing Simulation

Limit staff vulnerability to advanced phishing. Discover how susceptible your staff are to targeted spear-phishing through continual simulations.

Policy Management

Keep staff up to date with relevant policies through proactive policy management software.

Email Exposure

Identify your organisation email accounts that have been exposed by monitoring breached data and data dumps.

Security Awareness Planning

We ensure ongoing, bite-sized learning that empowers your staff’s knowledge in core security areas while mapping your organisation’s overall risk-based on regular phishing testing, dark web monitoring and policy communications.

1 - Evaluate

Identify your staff security gaps

Assess staff vulnerability to targeted phishing

Locate staff credentials exposed on the dark web

2 - Learn

Nuture a security-minded culture with micro learning

Strengthen individual gaps with tailored plans

Incourage engagement with video & interactive content

3 - Practice

Ongoing simulated phishing evaluations

Evaluate vulnerability through phishing attacks

Learn how your staff phishing vulnerability changes over time

4 - Communicate

Keep staff updated on relevant policy

Measure staff acceptance with e-signatures

Centralise management of policies

5 - Report

Record and document staff improvement

Know your organisation's human risk

Monitor the dark web for exposed staff credentials

Security Awareness Library

Awareness Courses

  • Phishing
  • Security at Home
  • Using Social Media Safely
  • Social Engineering
  • Removable Media
  • Internet & Email Use
  • Working Remotely
  • Physical Security
  • Cloud Security
  • Mobile Device Security
  • Public Wi-Fi
  • Secure Passwords & Authentication
  • What Makes a Cyber Criminal
  • Vishing (voice vishing)
  • Information & Data
  • The Insider Threat
  • Patching & Updating
  • Smishing (SMS Phishing)
  • Ransomware
  • Securing Your Home Network
  • The Dark Web
  • Data Loss
  • Many more

Compliance Courses

  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • GDPR for Consumers
  • GDPR for Senior Staff Members
  • The Data Protection Act (DPA)
  • Data Handling
  • Data Classification
  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)
  • Protecting Payment Card Information
  • Anti-Slavery (UK)
  • Anti-Money Laundering (UK)
  • Anti-Bribery (UK)
  • Anti-Tax Evasion
  • Protection of Personal Information Act

Samples & Resources

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