Using a range of managed services, we help organisations to connect, manage and protect that data.

The further we can enhance your organisation’s data using manage services. The more meaningful and accessible the information and knowledge can be acquired from it.
  • Lower operation costs through reduced support requirements
  • Helps to standardise systems without complex processes
  • Flexible payment models that scale with demand
  • Simple budgeting and administration with a single point of contact
  •  Helps to address data security from the ground upwards

Protect your data

Security is at the very forefront of everything we do for customers, ensuring the systems we supply and support are protected against the latest security threats. We believe in reducing your exposure as much as possible and addressing the weakest points in your IT setup. Small tweaks across your IT infrastructure can help to keep your head below the parapet. However, remember that no system is completely bulletproof. Plan for the worst and hope for the best – with the best being a robust backup and recovery solution.

Cyber Security Services

Dunedin IT Security Suite is a selection of IT Security Services to protect your organisation.

Backup & Recovery

We provide backup and recovery solutions for both data stored in the office and in the cloud.

Security Awareness

Security Awareness training is a proactive approach to reducing employee cyber risk through bite-sized training, monitoring and exercises.

Email Security & Compliance

Advance email security services and compliance services.

Office 365 Security Services

Along with standard compliance and security tools built-in Microsoft 365, there are additional services to enhance security and user experience.

Data Loss Protection

Data Loss Protection (DLP) Service can help a company protect its data not only from unauthorised access but from those that have access to it.

Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials as a Service from Dunedin IT is about maintaining and incrementally improving IT security throughout the year.

Advanced Security Services

Vulnerability Assessment is an assessment performed on the IT infrastructure looking for security and vulnerabilities weaknesses.

Manage your data

Businesses have been creating digital information since the 1990s, the amount increases every year as does the range of devices that connect to it. Although storage has become cheaper along with the range of solutions this has not necessarily meant it has become easier to manage for the organisation. Dunedin IT has a range of solutions that can help businesses deal with this every increase data sprawl.

File Cloud Server

One trusted platform to secure and govern all your company’s files, no matter where work happens.

Microsoft Office 365

We see Microsoft Office 365 ecosystem as an opportunity for organisations to move from manually defined business processes to a more structured and collaborative approach.

Data Archiving

Keep my company data safe and legal. Find my documents and files faster.

Desktop & Server Hosting

Your own private cloud IT infrastructure fully managed, reliable and secure. Virtual Desktop or Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) allows your desktop PC to be hosted in the cloud.

Connect your data

Dunedin IT is in the business of helping your organisation collaborate and communicate. That means a robust IT infrastructure, integrated securely across your business and to the outside world.

Working with the leading networks in the country, our connectivity options allow us to offer complete solutions where you’ll have a single point of responsibility, support, and billing.

See our video and infographic on how Dunedin IT Mobility Solutions can benefit your organisation.

Voice (VoIP)

To support growing mobility in the workforce, our voice and presence solutions are flexible and feature rich, whether you want to extend your MS Teams environment or have us deliver our VOIP platform

Internet Connectivity

With fibre rollouts across the country helping feed the exponential increase in demand for bandwidth, Dunedin IT are ideally placed to ensure your business critical internet is cost-effective, robust and resilient

WiFi Solutions

An integral part of integrated business networks, we provide fast and secure access to your systems by planning and deploying WiFi solutions that maximise coverage

Internet of Things (IoT)

Along with our network management known how and wholesale access to all major mobile providers, we can provide flexible IoT management services.

Network Infrastructure

Manage and monitor my network and internet connectivity.

Mobile Management

Our fully managed Dunedin IT mobile connectivity provides access for your workforce from all of the major UK mobile networks, and includes options for Unlimited Mobile data connections where fixed services are restrictive

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