IT Support

Our most popular package gives clients the assurance that any problems will be dealt with quickly, it offers proactive IT support for one monthly cost. This is our preferred support package as it allows us to build a relationship with your business and ensure you get the most from your IT systems. This package offers you:

  1. Reduces stress by providing peace of mind
  2. Saves time and money with a IT Support contract
  3. Ensure your business stays compliant and secure
  4. Increased productivity through planning and support
  5. Clients run their business; we handle the computers
  • Unlimited Remote IT Support
  • Regular and free onsite visits
  • Ongoing documentation of IT setup
  • Access to an online helpdesk portal with self-help documents
  • System reports and an ongoing IT strategy
  • Hands-free remote support with advanced management tools
  • Complete range of IT services

I don’t think I’ve had the pleasure of working with a more organised, dedicated and enthusiastic team

Bioinformatics Company, Edinburgh

Why Dunedin IT?

Using an IT Strategy ensures our clients spend wisely

Proactive Monitoring saves our clients time by anticipating potential IT issues

Unlimited IT Support, so our clients control their IT costs

Clients run their business; we handle the computers

Sound good?